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Digital transformation is an inevitable direction for television stations in the face of strong competition from the Internet and social networks. Solution for managing production and distributing content on digital platforms – SAVIS MRP was born to help optimize the production process, from management, production, administration, operations to distribution, creating a solution. Comprehensive solution for the television industry.

Challenges facing the television industry

According to the latest research, the average time viewers spend watching television is now decreasing, and the time spent accessing online applications is increasing. 4G/5G networks with large bandwidth allow users to watch television products and entertainment videos right on mobile devices, and Internet-connected TVs are also increasingly popular.

A study by Kantar Media (one of the leading media market research companies) in 2021 showed that today’s audiences, especially young audiences, have the habit of watching videos posted on social networks. digital platforms (Tiktok, Youtube, Netflix,…) more than watching traditional television. Changing viewer habits have also become a big challenge for the television industry.

Besides, technology has given other types of journalism such as electronic newspapers breakthrough opportunities with more diverse and current products, even attracting more public than television. This means a decline in television advertising revenue. This is a matter of survival for each station.

Faced with these realities, television creators must change to retain audiences and advertisers.

SAVIS MRP – Management solution for production and content distribution on digital platforms

With more than 18 years of experience in the field of digital television and radio, understanding the profession and needs of television workers, the solution for managing production and distributing content on digital platforms – SAVIS MRP was developed by SAVIS. capable of optimally solving the problem of technology application in the television industry, from production planning, broadcast planning, pre-production, post-production, broadcasting, production quality assessment, labor ranking, multi-channel content distribution, to data storage and mining.

The system is designed to suit all units of all sizes. Users from different departments, regional centers/branches to permanent agencies abroad can access and use the system.

SAVIS MRP gives reporters, editors, cameramen, and technicians an overall, intuitive view of the work process and production schedule, from which users proactively arrange work and register plans. production, broadcast registration, ingest or vacation registration.

Management levels and department leaders can sign and approve production registration, broadcasting, production moderation, newsletter cover, product quality grading, evaluation of individual or departmental work… right on the interface. Display a website screen and mobile app.

Some benefits when applying SAVIS MRP system

– Deploy multi-cloud platforms, including Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud from many different providers

– Support in building digital television product production strategies

– Simplify and optimize production processes, reduce overlapping production

– Minimize scattered use and waste of production resources

– Support evaluation of production efficiency

– BI and Elastic Search technology helps find information, production and product data quickly, supporting accurate and timely decision making

– Share and query information anywhere on any device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone,…)

– Store and manage resources about production activities to serve the inspection and monitoring of progress and production processes of the unit

– Provide reliable documents and data for synthesis and reporting

– Ensure information security

After completing production, SAVIS MRP connects to the Smart CMS/MediaHub smart content distribution system, helping to integrate multi-platform broadcasting on OTT, Tik Tok, Facebook, Youtube or online digital television platforms. VTVGO…

By applying Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, the system can analyze audience behavior and trends on digital channels based on existing data about them to report and propose improvement plans. Improve the quality of digital television products and increase the effectiveness of on-air advertising.

SAVIS MRP will be the optimal solution for broadcasters facing the trend of multi-channel, multi-point communication and centralized management.

Television exists and develops with technology. Applying technology to television will optimize work processes, speed up product production, attract the public and create a stable revenue source for the station.

Contact here to receive the most detailed advice from SAVIS experts.

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