About Media-X

Media-X is a technology company with profound expertise in
developing the digital transformation ecosystem in the Broadcasting – Television field. Media-X’s strengths lie in advanced
technology, professional services, and customer understanding.

Media-X has joined the world’s digital transformation
organizations such as The Advanced Media Workflow Association
(AMWA), Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS), BBC,
NBC, CNN and many other major broadcasters. This strategic move
by Media-X is aimed at achieving the goal of becoming a leading
brand in broadcasting – television technology.

Alongside hundreds of high-level partners, including leading global
technology corporations, the company has developed an
innovative, differentiated, and market-appropriate digital
technology ecosystem in Vietnam.


Media-X relentlessly conducts research,
development, and delivers a reliable digital
product ecosystem, solutions, and services that
strictly adhere to international standards, catering
to the most stringent digital transformation needs
of organizations and businesses.


The goal is to establish Media-X as the leading
brand in digital products, solutions, and
services in Vietnam and worldwide, while
simultaneously ensuring the utmost customer




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